The Library

These are a few of the books and blogs that inspire our business philosophies:
  • Manager Tools - An entertaining weekly podcast on becoming a better manager.
  • Roman's Opinion - Mike Roman is The Catering Guru.  In his blog, he shares his wisdom and insight on a range of subjects.
  • Marshall Goldsmith Library - The iconic executive coach teaches leaders how to be brutally honest about how behavior choices impact business success.
  • Jim Collins and Good to Great - This inspiring book studies companies which, over a long period of time, find sustained excellence.
  • E-Myth - Teaches entrepreneurs to combine smart management and effective systems.
  • Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Workweek - Ferriss can be a little "out there" but he has great tips on editing the unproductive "noise" out of your life and business.
  • It's My Company Too! - A team of 4 experts, including Tasty Catering's Thomas Walter, studies the drive for positive employee-company dedication and commitment. I am inspired by examples of how organizational engagement can transform into something more substantial and how a "Command and Control" strategy of management can give way to a "Teach, Trust, and Track" approach.

For people in the food and hospitality industry, these are Must Reads to keep you informed:

We believe that everyone should read for enjoyment and personal development, too!  Here are Jon's favorites: